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PEPS - Everyday Asset

This is Project PEPS. A real world Crypto Currency which you can use as your Everyday Asset. PEPS is not just an altcoin which gives you red and green bars at the market, but it is as good as the bank notes in your wallet. You can Earn and spend it like money, without any third party involvement!

Yes, PEPS gives you the power of Real Money with Privacy. No one control your Transactions, No Government, No Tax, No Banks and No middleman! PEPS is borderless, you can take it Anywhere in the world and Spend it! No Forex or Currency converters needed! Soon to be launched, PEPS ATM will give you Cash Banknotes in major countries, or Just use PEPS with PEPS Prepaid Card.









PEPShip.com Store

Behold the World's Largest Crypto Shopping Store. Wondering How is it Largest in the world? Because it is simply the biggest store on the Internet which accepts only Cryptocurrencies. Along With huge collection of products and services for many countries, PEPShip offers FREE Shipping worldwide! Can't believe right? Free shipping even for a product worth $2!

PEPShip store is the main Use-case of PEPS Coin. It is built to enable PEPS users buy anything they want, at lowest price, and with free shipping. Some products holds the lowest price on the Internet. However PEPShip store offers a lot more other crypto currencies but when pay with PEPS, you get an amazing 5% Cashback as PEPS Coins!


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PEPSX DeFi Token is the newest DeFi currency. PEPSX can only be obtained by building PEPSX DeFi Pool and putting PEPS Coins to harvest PEPSX yields. Just select a DeFi Pool Plan and start yielding PepsX Tokens today!

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PEPS is the real world money. You can use PEPS to pay your water or electricity bills, Recharge your phone and transfer cash to your bank. You can also use PEPS to BUY any product from PEPShip store. PEPS is Money.

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PEPShip is world's largest shopping store, powered by PEPS and other leading crypto currencies. You can search, order and pay with the currency of your choice at checkout. 5% Cashback with PEPS Coin.

PEPS Technical Features & Specifications


PEPSNode Helps you earn more PEPS, without Investing your Money Elsewhere!.

Highly Scalable

PEPS Runs on Open Source and Adoptable Codes, Cross Platform and Effective.

Daily Backups

PEPS is world's First Blockchain with Daily backups of Chain Data. Always Stay 100% Sync.


Forget Forex with PEPS, Accepted Worldwide! Pay with PEPS no Matter Where You Are!


You Owns Your Privacy. No one can Control Where you Get or Where you Send Money. Peace!

Community Support

Hundreds of PEPS Users are There to Help you Whenever you Need Help! Just Join PEPS Community.

How PEPS has replaced the traditional Money

  • Decentralized - No One Controls Your PEPS, Just You Can.
  • Full Privacy - Only you Know Where you Spend Your Money.
  • Ease of Use - Carry Your Coins on cloud, Access Anywhere!
  • Real World Use - Spend it like Money - Buy, Rent or Eat.
  • Increase Wealth - Put your PEPS to Work, Earn More!
  • International Validity - PEPS is Not bound with Borders!
PEPS Trades at These Exchanges

Crex24 Graviex Altilly Bololex

PEPS in Near Future

PEPS is the currency for the Future. Today you can use it as a Cryptocurrency but tomorrow it will become the typical choice for Everyday Expenses. How? Because you can use PEPS Payment Gateway for your everyday bill payments and other recharges. When you need Cash, you can go to PEPS ATM Machines and withdraw your old favorite banknotes. At merchant stores, you can swipe your PEPS Crypto Card and make payment to your merchant!

This may sound little futuristic, but you never know which coming day PEPS become your primary method of making transactions. It all starts with your PEPS and goes a long way ahead!

PEPS Partner Services

PEPS Awesome Team

Odacir Cristofolini
Lead Engineer

Along with being Developer of PEPS Explorer and bots, PEPS Masternodes Manager.

Social Media Head

Social Media Management, Bots and Scripts Implementation, TKP is King at Social Media!

Rama Gallina
Investment Manager

PEPS Investors and Finance activities Manager. Sales and Promotions. Business Expansion.

Edson Luis
Brazil Team

Listing Manager, Adoption and Implementation Department.

Brazil Team

Brazil Social Media Manager, Planning and Trade Management.

'PEPS' Taylor
Developer & Founder

PEPS Core Developer. Founded Project PEPS in 2017. Coder and Web Designer since 15 years.

Edson Luis
Brazil Team

Listing Manager, Adoption and Implementation Department.

Brazil Team

Brazil Social Media Manager, Planning and Trade Management.

Have a Question? Let us Help You!

You can buy PEPS Coins from any of the supported exchanges. We Have list all available exchanges in the list above. Please use Crex24, Graviex, NanuEx or contact one of our admins at your favorite social media channel. We will help you onboarding to PEPS.

Once you have purchased PEPS Coins, it is very easy to setup the masternodes. You can either use any of our partner services to get your masternode hosted at very low price, or just contact any of our admin at PEPS Telegram / discord.

Your PEPS Coins are as good as the real money in your pocket. You can Spend them just like your cash for various purpose. You can buy a nice pair of Shoes or Pajamas, Buy a ring for your love, upgrade your computer or get a new phone. You can also pay bills and recharge your cellular.

Unfortunately No. PEPS is a Decentralized crypto currency so there is no paid staff or support center. PEPS Team is a group of volunteers who are willing to help you on any issue at various social media channels. You can get almost instant resolution to your problem when you contact our team online.