Food Lovers

PepeGold is the world's first cryptocurrency designed to be your food pass at billions of food courts around the world. Blockchain based transactions and cross country acceptance has elevated the security and convenience of Food court bills to a new level. Shopping malls, cinemas and street side food courts have always craved for a solution of an inter-exchangable token to be accepted at all food courts worldwide without any loss of funds or forex charges to attract more and more buyers at food courts, PepeGold has finally provided them the solution they always wanted. Breaking boundries of the third party control over your wealth step into the futuristic money.

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PepeGold Vs Traditional Money

Best Crypto Currency

PepeGold simply secure your everyday financial transactions on the ground breaking BlockChain technology. Just be safe and fast without any centralised third party involved. Not only your small transactions, you can execute larger transactions like buying a new car or buying a new house can be done using this simple and highly secure crypto currency. But make sure such valued cryptocurrency needs to be purchased from credible platforms like bitcoin motion. The bitcoin motion bot is one of the most trusted automated trading bots that trade cryptocurrencies for its customers.

It just ensures your funds are safe and secure. PepeGold is the answer you wanted for all of your crypto needs.

core features
core features

Power of PepeGold Blockchain

Built for your wealth, your business, your goals, your Food.


Take control of what you do with your wealth, own it like you own it.


PepeGold gets you 50% yearly interest on stake. Better than bank!


6 Block confirmation with small block hight for rapid confirmations


Most of the transactions are free of charge, rest have almost zero fee.


PepeGold wallet provides blockchain information for each transaction.

Pepe to the Moon

It's that time of life again where all meme coins rocks to the moon.


Don't take our word for it

ABOUT PepeGold

Who we are?

PepeGold does not involve people to look after it. It is a self sustainable technology running on Blockchain with a worldwide network.

With the users throughout the world exchanging, utilising and engaging in PepeGold, it has become a phenomenal element of world economy. As the world increasingly adopting PepeGold, it has crossed the numbers of its previous encesters to the depth. Now the world has turned serious for the meme currencies. As PepeGold and other meme currencies gain global acceptance, their impact has reached unprecedented levels. These digital assets are not only popular in internet culture but are also making waves in the casino world. When it comes to the best crypto for casino, there are several options to consider. While Bitcoin remains the most widely accepted and recognized cryptocurrency in the casino industry, other meme currencies such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and PepeGold are also gaining traction.

The rewards for mining through the Scrypt algorythem has made it easy to earn as many as PepeGolds with your machines as you own it to the max.

Earning PepeGold

Rewards are Beautiful

PepeGold is a rewardful money. You can gain it by several ways - for free.


Take control of your wealth

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